Spine Rehabilitation

Spine rehabilitation includes treatment of impairments, which may include pain or limitations within the neck and back and the effects they have on the hips and extremities. Elite physical therapists will complete an assessment of these areas through specialized testing and mechanical assessment. Since almost no one has a perfectly normal spine, the interplay between a patient’s pain and symptoms and the mechanical assessment results in an incredible tool for your PT to design the best treatment plan for you.

The movement based assessment of injuries involves manually treating all the individual tissues in the affected area including stressing ligaments, stretching of tendons and compressing tissues. When pain changes due to specific movement patterns, the diagnosis can be more accurately made. A hands-on approach allows for specific feedback and the constant reproduction of symptoms. Almost all adult spines show degenerative changes due to age, arthritis and/or bulging discs; therefore, common imaging studies do not always give the complete picture of the patient’s pain.

Back Education

Many spine disorders arise from poor postures and faulty mechanics. Our therapists emphasize improving awareness and function of core and and hip musculature to improve stabilization of the spine. We will also address shortening of hip and core musculature that leads to poor mechanics and postures. These techniques minimize the risk for re-injury and exacerbation of symptoms.