Pre and Post-Operative Rehabilitation 

Pre-operative rehab is prescribed by many primary care physicians as well as orthopedic surgeons as a way to eliminate pain and increase mobility and strength and in many cases prevent surgery. Conservative management with pre-op rehab/physical therapy is a great way to decrease medical costs for the patient by eliminating surgical costs and missed time off from work. Our patients are grateful for the return to mobility and the elimination of pain without having to undergo surgery.

If surgery is unavoidable, therapy is still beneficial because it helps speed up the recovery process and improves the surgical outcome for the patient.

Post-operative rehab is another common type of therapy in our clinics. We are in close partnership with your orthopedic surgeon to maximum your benefit and outcome from surgery during each stage of your recovery. Our therapists recognize that each patient is an individual and requires an individualized treatment plan based on the surgeon’s protocol. Your physical therapist will “push” you to your safe limit to get the benefits you want from your surgery and will communicate regularly with your surgeon during your post op PT.

Many patients who are referred to us from orthopedic surgeons will return to Elite PT in the future for another injury or they will send a family member who needs PT to our clinic because of the exceptional, individualized care they received.