Endurance Athlete Program

Elite Physical Therapy Endurance Athlete Program is for recreational to competitive athletes who are experiencing aches and pain. We evaluate and treat runners, cyclists, and swimmers with bone, joint and soft tissue injuries helping them return to pre-injury performance levels. The physical therapists who lead this program are certified in ASTYM, and utilize ASTYM frequently with treating soft tissue injuries and conditions.

Video gait analysis is special testing that is offered to the runner. The runner is video taped while running on a treadmill. Video gait software is then used by the therapist to accurately assess gait using biomechanical patterns with angles and measurements. The runner will receive a complete report with the therapist’s recommendations for treatment on alleviating the painful issues.

If you have questions about Elite Physical Therapy’s Endurance Athlete Program or have aches and pains from being an endurance athlete, email Julie@eliteptstl.com or Lauren@eliteptstl.com. They can get you started on your recovery and back to the field, road, course or pool.